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 Bike Safety                

Share The Roads

When you ride your bike in traffic, you are a driver. Wear your "crash helmet." A bike helmet could save your life. Don't hit the road without a helmet.

Always follow the rules of the road.

  • Ride Right- with the traffic, to the right side of your lane.
  • Always look back, signal, check for traffic before you make any turn or leave your driveway. Otherwise, you may become extinct!
  • Stop at all stop signs and lights, too. You are a driver now!
  • Pedestrians get to go first.
  • Yield the right of way, and keep a sharp lookout for danger in every direction at all times-just like car drivers do.
  • Allow four feet between you and parked cars. A careless driver could be opening a door in your path!
  • If you ride with your friends, don't hog the road.
  • Two side by side is the limit.
  • If the lane can be safely shared with a car, the law is "single file."
  • Be courteous to faster traffic.
  • Don't cause a traffic jam. Let them pass when it's safe, but hold your lane.
  • Make sure your vehicle works the way it should. Check your brakes, tire pressure, and make sure the handlebars don't wobble-every time you ride.
  • If you must ride when it's dark, be safe-BE SEEN. Illinois law requires your vehicle to have a white light in front and a reflector in back. Light colored clothing with reflective patches and reflective wheel strips also help you be seen.